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wakefield removals customer reviews
I don’t know what I would have done without Wakefield Removals! They made moving house so easy, and treated my furniture with care and respect. Thank you so much.

Tom Robinson
Wakefield, UK

wakefield removals customer reviews
Changing the premises for my company was a huge task, but the team at Wakefield Removals made it seem simple. Nothing was too much to ask from them. It was a nice and smooth removal.

Joe Little
Wakefield, UK

wakefield removals customer reviews
I recently bought a lot of second-hand furniture, and thanks to the man and van service I could take it all home with no problem. Super cheap and convenient service. Thank you so much guys.

Nathan Hughes
Wakefield, UK

wakefield removals customer reviews
Received great service from Wakefield Removals. Their team members did all the things very gently. They carefully listened to my instructions, Can’t thank them enough.

Kieran Saunders
Wakefield, UK

Wakefield Removals

If you’re planning a move, you need Wakefield Removals. Our expert team knows how to plan and facilitate the smoothest moves! You won’t need to worry about a thing. Our service combines low costs with high quality to provide the best value removals in Wakefield and beyond. Moving can be overwhelming, but we are here to help. Find out how we can support you to relocate.

You may be wondering, “what is the best removal company near me?” and the good news is – you have found it! Wakefield Removals offer a trusted and popular removals service in the Wakefield area, and we would be delighted to assist you with your needs – whether you are moving home, office or simply some furniture! Regardless of whether the job is big or small, Wakefields Removals can handle it all.

What makes our service special? We think it is our winning combination of professionalism and affordability. Customers know that they can trust our service to protect their possessions during the moving process, and that we will provide an efficient and smooth service at an excellent price. Our team consists of experts in all types of removals, so they know how to make sure that moving day is smooth-sailing and straightforward.

Here at Wakefield Removals, we know that moving can be a complicated and stressful affair. We minimise this for our customers by taking over the little details of the removal alongside the heavy lifting. We make a comprehensive plan for the move, and we stick to it. That means our removals are completed on time and without incident. Our customers are always amazed by how easy moving home or office can be when they hire us to support the process!

House Removals Wakefield

Moving house is a huge step, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one! All you need is the right team to support you. Luckily, we have decades of experience delivering efficient house removals.

When you start planning your house move, it can feel like a huge task. However, we have all the training, knowledge and experience to make it manageable. We have extensive experience handling house removals of all shapes and sizes! And we have mastered the art of the easy and efficient relocation. It would be our pleasure to assist you in your move at all stages, from the first phase of planning to unpacking that final box! You’ll soon be settled in your new Wakefield home, and you’ll be glad you enlisted our support.

We would be happy to perform a survey of your move and provide a no-obligation quotation for your Wakefield house removal. This will allow us to better understand the scope of the job, and it gives us an opportunity to proactively address any potential complications so your move goes smoothly on the day. Together, we can construct a schedule that is convenient for you. Your life doesn’t have to go on hold during your house removal. When you employ the experts, you’re able to take a hands-off approach, confident that your relocation will go on schedule and without a hitch!

Every customer has different needs, so we design each move to their specific circumstances. We can help you prioritise items so that life can go on as normal as you settle into your new home. We will also be happy to discuss your removal insurance options! We understand the huge responsibility that comes from handling people’s personal possessions, and we take that seriously. Our ethos at Wakefield Removals is that we treat each removal as if it were our own, with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that we ourselves would hope for.

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Office Removals Wakefield

For office removals in Wakefield, we are the team to trust. We understand that our customers come to us for a smooth, affordable removals service that minimizes disruption, and that’s what we deliver!

An office removal requires smart planning and hard work to go successfully. Let us assist you at every step to avoid your relocation becoming a headache. We will be on hand to ensure that this exciting transition for your business causes minimal disruption to your usual business operations. Some companies make the mistake of deploying their staff to perform their move, assuming that an office removal is simply lifting boxes. They soon learn the errors of their ways! You’ll boost morale and avoid costly delays or mistakes when you go with professionals in the field instead. That’s why you should call Wakefield Removals!

Our business is helping businesses like yours. We have been undertaking Wakefield office removals for years, so we know exactly what it takes to strategies and facilitate a smooth move for all types of companies. The size of your business is irrelevant – we know that both small and large companies have particular needs during the removal process, and we tailor our service to your specific circumstances! We can draw on our experience to advise you of the best approach, so your transition to new premises is straightforward and trouble-free.

We know that our customers have their hands full running their business, especially during the hectic process of relocation. That’s why we love to take over when it comes to Wakefield office removals, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. All you need to do is hire the team at Wakefield Removals and leave us to do what we do best!

Student Removals Wakefield

Are you or is your child making the move from university to home? Flying the nest can be an emotional time. Avoid it becoming stressful by hiring the experts to perform your student removals.

Student removals are unique because, on many occasions, it is the first move that the customer has ever undertaken. The inexperienced and uninitiated may assume it to be an easy process, and it can be, but only with the correct plan in place! That’s why customers in the Wakefield area rely on our staff members to undertake their student removals. We understand the nuances and can pre-empt potential problems during the relocation. We make moving day an exciting day, as opposed to anxious or exhausting! It’s worth the money to let the professionals take over, especially when our prices are so competitive.

You’ll be surprised when you realise how much stuff you end up needing for university. That’s before you even take those heavy textbooks into consideration! You need to be smart about what you take, but you don’t have to cram it all in a car. When you have the team at Wakefield Removals to help you, you can be assured that we will bring the perfect size vehicle for the job. That means you don’t have to leave those much-loved items to rot in the garage! You can make the move with everything you need, and you can avoid repeat journeys or injuries from heavy lifting.

It makes sense to get the professionals involved when you are organising your student removals in Wakefield and beyond. Leave us to do what we do best, and you can focus on more important things, like your studies! We are happy to help.

Piano Removals Wakefield

When moving something as delicate and precious as a piano, you need movers with a wealth of experience. Our team has the skills, knowledge and specialist equipment to move your piano safely.

If you need to move a piano, it’s crucial that you hire a professional service. It’s incredibly easy for a piano to be damaged in transit, which will inevitably be more pricey to repair than the cost of hiring an expert piano removals team. We know what we are doing when it comes to Wakefield piano removals, and our service is accessible and affordable. Don’t take a risk with your piano – instead, entrust it to the specialists. We will relocate your piano safely, so it will arrive to its new location in perfect condition.

Moving a piano involves so many additional considerations, that it has become its own niche in the removals industry. That means it is certainly not a task that can be undertaken by just anybody. Throughout the process of the move, from loading to unloading, our team will treat your piano with the utmost care and attention. We know how to store your piano so it can be transported safely in our vehicles. Having performed Wakefield piano removals for decades, we are knowledgeable about the risks involved in moving them, and so we will ensure that your instrument is appropriately protected as it is delivered to its new location.

Whatever the size of your piano and whatever the distance of your move, we can handle it here at Wakefield Removals. Leave your piano removal to the professionals! Your piano is in safe hands when you use our tried-and-tested service. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today, and we will be happy to plan your piano removal.

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Furniture Removals Wakefield

Maybe you’re moving to a new location, or maybe you’re simply transporting an item of furniture that wouldn’t fit in your car. For furniture removals big or small, you can count on us!

Moving furniture can be a challenge, especially if it involves large or awkwardly-shaped pieces. Thanks to our extensive experience performing furniture removals of all sizes, we’ve seen it all. That means we have devised strategies to manage every kind of furniture removal you can imagine! And that’s why we are the popular choice for Wakefield furniture removals. Our service isn’t just professional and efficient, it’s also very affordable. There’s no reason to try and move your own furniture when you can employ our experienced and effective team in the Wakefield area and beyond. We make furniture removals so easy!

When you need to move an item of furniture you love, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged in the process. You remove that risk when you delegate the task to our team at Wakefield Removals. Here we have a policy of treating every item of furniture as though it were our own. We don’t believe in cutting corners or rushing the job and putting your property at risk. Our service is efficient but we pride ourselves on our responsible approach as well. We will go the extra mile without being asked if it means protecting your possessions.

We would hate for you to damage your property or hurt yourself attempting a furniture removal independently. Our service makes relocating furniture incredibly easy, and you don’t have to worry about squeezing anything into your car either! You benefit from both the use of a spacious vehicle and the support of our experienced team when you trust us with your furniture removals.

Man Van Removals Services Wakefield

You’d be amazed at the many ways in which a man with a van can make your life easier! Whatever the odd job is, both our man and our van are at your service.

If you need a man and van service in the Wakefield area, you’ve come to the right place! We have a range of vehicles in different sizes so we’re bound to be able to accommodate your request. You can plan in advance or book last minute, either way we will do our best to meet your needs and provide a useful man with a van service in Wakefield and beyond. We’ve been providing a man and van service in this area for decades, and in that time we’ve handled a variety of requests! Whatever you’re doing, if you could use the help of a man and a van, then we have you covered here at Wakefield removals. Find out why we are the trusted removals team in the Wakefield area.

The name man and van service tells you what it consists of, but what could you use it for? Let us provide some inspiration. This service is often used to undertake light removals, or to pick up or drop off furniture, instruments or other items that are tricky to transport. If you have a few things to leave at the dump, a man and van service will undoubtedly be of assistance! We are able to take on long and short distances, and it doesn’t matter what hour you need us. Subject to availability, we’re open to bookings at any time! Why not call our team today to discuss your needs? They will be happy to provide a quotation for our popular man with a van service.

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Wakefield City, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

We are proud to be based in Wakefield and to operate in the beautiful surrounding area. Wakefield has a fascinating past, as Civil War historians are well aware. Did you know that Wakefield was a stronghold for the Royalist cause? It also used to be the seat of regional government in Yorkshire. Later, it became crucial to the development of British industry during the industrial revolution due to surrounding coal mines and its status as a popular market town where a variety of products were sold and exchanged. If you’re planning a move to Wakefield, it’s worth researching the many historical sites you can visit in the area. There’s certainly a lot to learn about the past in Wakefield.

However, Wakefield is more than its past. It remains a beautiful and dynamic place to live in the present! The town has benefited from a variety of regeneration projects, such as the refurbishment of the popular Ridings Shopping Centre. Many new homes and offices have been built in the area in recent years, and if you are planning to relocate to one of them, the team at Wakefield Removals will be happy to assist you in doing so! Don’t forget to enjoy some of the cultural attractions in the Wakefield area. The art gallery The Hepworth Wakefield, named after a talented local sculptor, is a perfect place to start your cultural tour of Wakefield.

Wakefield is probably most famous for its cathedral, so why not give it a visit if you’re in the area? Wakefield attracts a variety of visitors thanks to its proximity to York and Leeds, as well as its easy access to motorways. It is surrounded by a range of villages such as Thornes and Lupset, and we are happy to announce that we operate in these areas! So if you’re struggling to find a removal company near you, just give us a call.

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Moving in Covid-19 Lockdown

If you’ve used our removals service in Wakefield, you will know that our objective is always to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Our goal is to make your move as stress-free and straightforward as possible. Although the current situation with COVID-19 has inevitably added some obstacles in our industry, we are very happy to share that our removals service continues to operate — with some precautionary measures in place. We have used government guidance to implement a cautious approach that allows us to perform removals jobs as safely as possible, for the benefit of our colleagues and customers alike.

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