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Many people dread moving day, but the truth is that with the right removals company it can be surprisingly smooth. The team at Wakefield Removals strives to make this transition as simple as possible.

Once you’ve arrived with all your items to the new place, what should you do next? It can be hard to know where to start. Based on our extensive experience performing house removals, here is a checklist that we suggest you should work through,

1. Inspect your new place.
This is your last chance to make a claim if there’s any problem with the place. If you’re renting, you need to document any damage and report it to your landlord straight away. You can also start making plans for what needs to be done around the house. Write a list of everything you notice so you don’t forget.

2. Recycle your packaging.

Isn’t it funny that we never seem to have cardboard boxes when we need them? You can anticipate this issue by flattening the boxes and storing them to be used in the future. If you’d rather they didn’t clutter up your space, make sure you recycle them.

3. Perform a thorough clean.
Even if the previous owner or occupant cleaned the place, you’ll still probably want to do it yourself to ensure it meets your own hygiene standards. Alternatively, you can hire a professional cleaning service. 

4. Undertake minor repairs.
That list you made at point 1? Time to put it into action. Contact a trusted handyperson and put them to work. Try to get everything done at once if you can. Often, when we move into a new place, we procrastinate on important tasks.

5. Unpack properly.
On a similar note to point 4, don’t do a “short-term, messy unpack” that you plan to correct later. Why put yourself through completing the same task twice? It’s understandable to just want to get the packing over and done with, but try to adopt a patient and organised approach.

6. Check smoke detectors and security systems.
This is an important one! Ensure your smoke and gas detectors have batteries and test them to confirm they work well. You might consider changing your locks rather than using the key of the previous occupant.

7. Ensure all paperwork is up to date.
Register at a local doctor and dentist in Wakefield. Speak to your bank, your phone supplier, your gas provider… all the people that need to know your new address! You may also want to inform friends and family. Place a forward on your previous address to be really sure you’ll receive all mail.

8. Check out the local facilities.
You’re living in a new area. It’s time to explore! This is the fun part of moving. Look for your new local. Visit coffee shops and find your favourite spot. Spend time in the parks, museums, shops, and sports centres. Discover what your new neighbourhood has to offer.

9 and 10. Introduce yourself to your Wakefield neighbours, then throw a housewarming party to celebrate.
No further explanation needed!

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